The Bio-discovery System
of Electro-Dermal Screening

Author: Shizuo Akira

The Bio-Discovery unit is a computerized testing system, which can test not only for food sensitvities, but can identify candida, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. It's a rapid, painless non-invassive method of screening for allergens and more. Research has provided indications where skin conductance technology is successful in detecting sensitivities to foods, chemicals, pesticides, pollens, airborne irritants and other natural and man-made irritations found in our world today. Often, these stimuli cause snoring, but snoring problem must be addressed separately by using devices such as Zyppah

The system works using a process called Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS), which allows an operator to measure galvinic skin resistance at the acupuncture points located on our hands and feet. A person being tested holds a "probe", (a brass rod) in one hand, while the tester uses a second probe, (stylus) to access acupuncture points on the fingers and toes. Because of the vast information received from the sensing "stylus" the computer is necessary to translate the results. The process is essentially similar to ECG (electrocardiogram) which is routinely used in hospitals and medical laboratories.

The Bio-Discovery System ushers in the "information age" with health care technology for the 21st century and beyond. This system is recognized as an investigational device in Canada.

What does it do?

It is a "a data acquisition process" used to determine the areas of electrical unbalance in the body.

It allows the doctor to conduct an 'interview' with the body's organs and tissues, showing much about the basic functional status of those areas.

The computer will show how much stress an organ is under and can aid the doctor in determining what can be helpful in eliminating the imbalance.

It will monitor the progress of therapy, avoiding much trial and error.

The body consists of electrical currents which can be measured much like an EKG machine measures the electrical activity of the heart.

There are many substances and stresses of modern day living such as allergies, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) pesticides, drug and chemical toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies which alter the normal body processes. Many symptoms are associated with these disturbed energetic imbalances.

Dr. C. Shang of Harvard University has urged the medical community to make full use of Electro-Dermal Screening to gain full knowledge of the body functions. As if the problems of memory and brain function can be edited using nootropics or such additives as

How does the bio-Discovery System work?

The Bio-Discovery System design requires the inclusion of the OhmMeter circuitry to function. An OhmMeter is a tool used by electricians and electronic technicians to determine the resistance between two points of a circuit. That circuit can be as simple as a single piece of wire or as elaborate as a complex electronic component such as the body. The resulting measurement is determined by establishing the resistance to electron flow through the circuit (conductance is the inverse relationship to resistance and is simultaneously calculated by the computer).

How is it Used?

You begin by grasping a brass electrode in your hand. The brass probe is actually the source for the minute electric current (1/2 volt). The electron flow that will enter the body is dependent on the load (resistance) of the body. Since a complete electrical path must be established to obtain a reading, a second probe must be place at another point on the body. The second probe can be identified by its unique pencil shape. The pencil probe is placed on the skin surface at various acupuncture points (more commonly termed: Data access Points) to complete the electric flow. The force of which is necessary to contact these points is negligible and measures the amount of electrons that flowed while the circuit was closed. The amount represents a conductance value, which is automatically displayed on the screen by the computer's software. At this point a simple test using the OhmMeter contained within the Bio-DiscoverySystem has been concluded. The Bio-Discovery System has been designed to incorporate the discoveries (of some 40 years ago) of Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German physician. To standardize his discoveries, Dr. Voll established the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) scale. The scale begins at the most resistant value (least conductive) which is zero (0). The least resistance value (most conductive) was fixed at ten (10). Dr.Voll then proceeded to establish a resistance of five reading (5) on this scale to be considered "optimal". Dr. Voll found that the measurement over a specific point would change according to the status of its' meridian system. Thus, since the body is not a static entity, but is forever changing, a dynamic measurement is obtained.

In the 1970's, another scientist developed an explanation as to what happens at the acupuncture points when a current is applied. His name was Dr. William Tiller. He was a professor at Stanford University who was investigating the properties of skin to determine what was required to develop prosthetic skin for burn victims. He found, much his surprise, that these "accupoints" had a much lower resistance (Higher conductance) value. Generally the skin has a resistance of 3-4 million ohms, but at these sites the resistance is a 100,000 ohms in a healthy person. Dr. Tiller found these points to be "information access windows". As Dr, Tiller studied the dynamics of these points, he realized that the body is an ever changing system. Therefore, his model for study had to take into account all electrical properties of the system (resistance, conductance and capacity). According to Dr. Tiller's model, the health of the organ affects the concentrations of ions at the accupoints along the meridian. An inflammation causes an increase in ion concentration = enhancing the flow of electrons = resistance decreases = conductance increases = a reading above five (5) . A degeneration causes decreased ion concentration = hinders flow of electrons = resistance increases = conductance decreases = reading below five (5).

What exactly do the reading indicate?

You are now aware that a healthy person is considered to have a reading of five (5). But what exactly is being tested when the current is being sent through the body? The system has been designed to send an electrical current through electrical pathways or meridians recognized by scientists throughout most of the world. Many pathways or (meridians) have been verified by thousands of years of use within the science of acupuncture while others have been recently discovered by modern science. Each pathway corresponds to organs or systems within the body itself. After the electric current has been introduced to the pathway, the ohmmeter within the Bio-Discover System will read the resistance and convert it into conductance according to Dr. Voll's 0-10 scale. Remember, the preceding discussion indicated the optimal reading to be five(5). A person with stable readings of five (5) would indicate a person whose health pattern was good and whose body systems were "balanced". The Bio-Discovery System, like a thermometer, measures energy. The thermometer measures heat, while the BIO-Discovery system measures electric flow. In either case, if the optimal reading is not measured, an energy imbalance has been detected. By the way, this system also reveals a tendency to ED and time to begin to apply the necessary additives, such as

Why is balancing necessary?

Remember, the Bio-Discovery System is measuring a minute electrical current flowing through a particular point in the body. The System is measuring the energy that is allowed to flow through each meridian, A healthy meridian, according to Dr. Voll, will allow a balanced reading of five (5). Imbalanced readings, higher or lower than five (5), indicate meridians where the electrical energy is not balanced. When an imbalance indication is found, the focus of the imbalance can be determined and steps can be taken to initiate a re-balancing. This is accomplished using the product and information database libraries in the Bio-Discovery System. The practitioner will then use his/her knowledge and training to begin the steps of finding which substances to use to balance the patient. Knowledge of human physiology plays an important part in the balancing procedure. All organs or systems within the body are important for life. Recognizing which organs or systems have an energy imbalance establishes the focal point of an imbalance. After balancing the focal area, the meridian will then be balanced in order of importance in the body.

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