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                ELSKY Joined Infocomm India 2019 研盛芯控受邀參展印度視聽展

                作者:來源:訪問:時間:2019/9/27 14:33:19

                918-20日,Infocomm India 2019展會在印度孟買會展中心盛大啟幕。本次展會匯集了BOE、三星等國際知名品牌,來自全球多個國家和地區的展商和專業觀眾參與了本次展會。ELSKY研盛芯控作為國際知名的工控主板和整機系統研發生產商,受邀參展本次國際盛會。

                From September 18th to 20th,Infocomm India 2019 opened at Mumbai Convention and Exhibition Center,India.This exhibition brings together BOE,Samsung and other well-known international brands.Exhibitors and professional audiences from many countries and regions around the world participated in this exhibition.ELSKY as an internationally renowned manuf acturer of industrial motherboard and Compueter system,was invited to participate in this international event.




                The exhibition was led by Mr.Charlie Zhong, General Manager of ELSKY.ELSKY internation Market Team introduced the advantages and applications of our products for visiting customers.During the exhibition,our booth: E96 crowds, industry guests from all over the world have come to visit and negotiate. ELSKY launched a full range of industrial motherboard,OPS computer,industrial computer,MINIPC,has been favored by industry colleagues.Including Intel & LG and other international famous enterprises come to ELSKY booth to have a meeting for long term Cooperation in India.




                Since ELSKY establishment 10 years ago, Our company has attached great importance to the independent R&D design and international standard certification for ELSKY products. The whole series of products have passed CE and CQC certification, intellectual property certification, and Passed the joint certification of Alibaba, Swiss SGS company and German TUV company. It is the accumulation of technology for many years that has made ELSKY products popular at the Indian exhibition.




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